Arise Education launches to facilitate people get books delivered at their houses

Arise Education launches to facilitate people get books delivered at their houses. The official launching ceremony has taken place on March 27, 2020 in Kigali.

Speaking to The Inspirer’s journalist, GASANA Mutesi, who is the founder of Arise Education said that the reader needs to go online and place his/her order and books are brought to his/her door immediately.

Mutesi explained that the initiative has been running for two weeks as a trial and

Gasana Mutesi, Founder of Arise Education.

will continue midst the lockdown of citizens due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We, at Arise Education are always looking for Channels of making books accessible so even in these times of stay at home, we want the readers to get the books with ease…inspired by Gira Igitabo campaign, we have been looking at solutions that wi support to ‘Gira igitabo Aho uri’ and there is no better time to put out this online platform than this time” we are on a lockdown, and one of the most recommended activities is reading books…but what if the whole family can’t access reading online and your children and teens at home need textbooks to revise? That’s why is here to help you access books at your doorsteps,” says Mutesi.

“We know there are lots of online materials but don’t hesitate on saying that there is no better reading than reading a hard copy especially for children who need to touch the books, feel the text, play with illustrations and admire the colours.” She adds.

The physical bookshop will serve all interested readers by ordering and paying cashless.

She explains that the physical bookshop that is online helps readers to identify which one they need and order, so they get it home and pay with Mobile money or use Visa and PayPal through shopinga.

“With COVID-19, we are avoiding payment for cash but in the future once the pandemic does no longer exist we can also accept cash on delivery.” Mutesi notes.

During the stay home period of two weeks set by the government as one of prevention measures against COVID-19, lots of services are locked including schools and libraries, which pushed Arise Education to establish this initiative to continue boosting Reading Culture.

Mutesi also reminds Rwandans to stay home, wash their hands and order books to read.


Read from Source, ahantu hizewe ushobora kugura ibitabo bikakugeraho ako kanya

March 28, 2020

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